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Cheve Cave Project Mexiko
Dry Cave Exploration to his limit

TS System Support

2017 we support the United Deep Cave Diving Team with some TS-sidemount systems for there further push in the „Cheve“ cave system (Mexiko). They used the system to dive in  multiple siphons and they been very happy with the strong material and the modularity of the system. Bill Stone itself wrote us a letter with some kind words about the sidemount.

60 cavers from 8 countries. Few tonns of gear and food. More than 3 kilometers of ropes. Sistema Cheve- amazing cave in mexican Sierra Juarez mountains, with hydrologically proven denivelation of 2597m (so far, the deepest cave in the world- Verevkina, has „only“ 2204m od depth). During 3-month long USDCT expedition in 2003, Rick Stanton and Jason Mallison reached depth of 1484m, after sump 2- finishing in huge breakdown closing the passage.

Since than, nobody attempted so huge logistical challange to go back to this system. On spring 2017 another big expedition took place, prepared through 2 previous years- by Bill Stone and USDCT. It’s goal was establishing a long-term camp 4, after sump one, and aid-climbing all coming in 1km long section between both sumps waterfalls, along with investigation of breakdown after sump 2.

We used TS- system both for close-circuit backmount „cargo“ transport dives, as well as open circuit sidemount camp 4 team replacements.  Executive expedition summary: