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Equipment: oliver@toddy-style.com
Training: toddy@toddy-style.com

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I’ve been wondering for a long time what sidemount will best meet my expectations. I tried many concepts, types of harnesses and buoyancy bags. Nothing convinced me to the end. If it was good for warm water, it was not suitable for a dry suit with thick undersuit and heating. Two years ago I tried TS for the first time and that was it! I was convinced not by the harness itself, but by the holistic approach. Thoughtful and created by a diver with many years of exploration experience, the set is well thought out and prepared for use in warm and cold water, in open water, on the wreck, in the mine and in the cave.

Maciej Mazur „Mr Magic“ has been diving for over twenty years, since 2008 he has been a diving instructor and since 2010 a technical instructor. Dive grew up on the Baltic wrecks, where he learned technical diving. Currently, he is training recreational, technical and mine divers in Poland, where he lives and works. Be sure to visit him in Wroclaw, he will definitely get you on a good dive 🙂

Sidemount Training das er unterrichtet:

User level:
TS-OPEN WATER Sidemount Diver

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Muttersprache: Polnisch
Weitere Sprachen: Englisch

IANTD Instruktor for:

Open Water to Divemaster
Deep Diver
Recreasional Trimix Diver
Advanced Recreasional Trimix Diver
Advanced Nitrox
Technical Diver
Normoxic Trimix
Trimix (hypoxic)
Advanced Wreck
Sidemount Diver
Intro to Cave
Full Cave
Technical Full Cave
Limited Mine
Intro to Mine
Tek Lite Mine
Full Mine
Essential Level 1
Essential Level 2
Essential Level 3
Open Water DPV Diver
Tek DPV Diver
Self-Sufficient Diver OC
Oxygen Provider
Diver First Aid
Diver First Aid Instructor
Dry Suit Diver Speciality
Night Diver Speciality
Wall Diver Speciality
Boat Diver Speciality
Drift Diver Speciality
Complex Navigation Diver Speciality
Marine Ecology Speciality
U/W Photography Speciality
U/W Videograthy Speciality
U/W Camera Action Speciality
Underwater Theatrical Performance
Advanced EANx Diver Supervisor
Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver Supervisor
Normoxic Trimix Diver Supervisor
Trimix Diver Supervisor
Assistant Instructor
Advanced Cave = DPV Cave Instructor
Advanced Cave Sidemount Instructor

As well certified as:

3 Star Diver (CMAS)

Expeditionen und Projekte: