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Victor HsuWei, a person with great passion for ocean and diving from a manufacturing background, has invested in vary wild range of business. Used to be the Board of director for famous smart robot company “ Neato Robotic” and the owner of the pattern for the eye of the Robot. He put his efforts on diving and get the first open water certification at 2008, after 3 years diving experiences, he decided to jump in the Tech diving world. He got his TDI sidemount certification at 2015 and become a SDI dive Master at 2016, in another 3 years, he completed his OC Decompression procedure , Advanced Wreck, Full Cave, AP Evolution CCR Advanced Mix gas diver certification and in order to get more experience in all kinds of diving , he had been to Mexico since 2018 and every year he organized the cave course and bring students to Tulum for full cave course and assist the cave course instructor as TDI Dive Master. As well to join the wreck diving event in Philippine, Thailand, Truk Lagoon, and the mine dive in Kobanya and cave dive in Molna Janos, and most of the OC diving he use sidemount.
In 2018, in order to further improve his sidemount skills, he finished his Razor Sidemount Open Water diver course with the famous Razor instructor trainer “Jun Kim” who was trained by Steve Bogaerts , the inventor of Razor system, and he also completed the Razor Sidemount Stage / DPV Open Water course in 2019. But that is still not enough for him.
In Jun 2019, Victor continue his diving adventure in Sardinia with Toddy, and it is the first time he witness the great diving invention “ TS system” , he immediately made up his mind to become one of the TS family. In Oct 2019, Victor had completed his OC TS sidemount Diver course with Toddy and in Jan 2020, he continued his OC TS sidemount IDC/IEC with Toddy in Philippine and start to introduce and promote Toddy Style Sidemount system in Asia. Now Victor is a TDI instructor Trainer and he established a diving education center in Taiwan and continue his passion on diving education and TS system introduction and promotion .

Sidemount training he conducts:

User level:
TS-OPEN WATER Sidemount Diver

Direct contact for course and infromation:



Mother language: Chinese
Other language: English

SDI Course Director and Trainer for:

Open water to SDI DiveMaster
Deep Dive
Underwater Navigation
Equipment Specialist
Computer Diver
Shore and Beach Diving
Drysuit Diving
Drift Diving
Night-Limited Visibility Diving
Nitrox/Computer Nitrox
Boat Diving
Advanced Buoyancy control
Diver Propulsion Vehicle

TDI Instructor Trainer for:

Nitrox diver / Instructor
Advanced Nitrox / Instructor
TDI Sidemount / Instructor
Nitrox Gas Blending / Instructor
Intro to Tech / Instructor
OC Decompression Procedure / Instructor
SF2 ECCR Air Diluent Deco / Instructor
O’Dive Doppler Technician / Instructor

TDI Instructor for:

AP Evolution CCR Air Diluent diver
XCCR Air Diluent Deco diver
O2ptima BM/ CM CCR Air Diluent Deco diver
ERDI Instructor Trainer for:
Adult and Children Emergency Care Instructor
Bloodborne Pathogens Instructor
Oxygen Administration Instructor
Workplace CPR/AED Instructor
Manufacture Instructor Trainer for:
SF2 ECCR Instructor
DIRCCR Instructor for:
DIRCCR Fundationals Diver

Also certified as:

Razor Basic Sidemount Open water diver
Razor Sidemount Stage Open Water diver
Razor DPV Sidemount Open Water diver
Technical DPV Diver
Stage Sidemount diver
Full Cave diver
CCR Full Cave Diver
Advanced Wreck diver
SF2 ECCR Advanced Mix Gas diver
Liberty Sidemount Air diluent Deco diver

Expeditions and Projects: