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Oscar started scuba diving in Cuba when he was 14. At that moment, he knew exactly what to do for the rest of his life. Today, Oscar is a diving instructor dedicated to teaching technical and cave diving using sidemount and rebreathers as tools of the trade. He has dived, worked, and trained in countries all around the world. Some highlights include Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal, France, Malta, Italy and Spain, where he currently lives. At his dive center in Spain, you can attend Multi-agency training where you will receive knowledge and attention to detail collected by many years of experience with an efficient methodology. With the right attitude, Oscar L Garcia can help you become a technical or cave diver ready to enjoy and survive in a multitude of diving environments. He was impressed when he saw the TS system first hand when he visit 2020 Protec Sardinia and he did his user training that time. In 2022 he became a TS Sidemount Instructor with his goal to train divers in spain.

Sidemount training he conducts:

User level:
TS-OPEN WATER Sidemount Diver

Direct contact for course and information:



Mother language: Spanisch
Other language: English

SDI Instructor Trainer for:
Open Water Diving Instructor
Specialty Equipment Instructor
Scuba Diver Instructor
Ice Diving Instructor
Dry Suit Diver Instructor
Nitrox Instructor
SDI Sidemount Instructor
Deep Diving Instructor
Advanced Buoyancy Instructor
Air Fill Station Technician Instructor
Emergency Care for Adults and Children
Workplace CPR/AED Instructor
Blood-borne Pathogens Instructor
Oxygen Administration Instructor
TDI Instructor for:
Advanced Nitrox Instructor
Decompression Procedures Instructor
Helitrox Instructor
Extended Range Instructor
Trimix Instructor
Advanced Trimix Instructor
Side Mount Instructor
DPV Technical Instructor
Nitrox Gas Mixing Instructor
Advanced Gas Mixing Instructor
Cave Instructor
Introductory Cave Instructor
Complete Cave Instructor
Staged Cave Instructor
DPV Cave Instructor
TDI Instructor Trainer for:

Nitrox IT
Introduction to IT Technology
IT Sidemount Instructor
Nitrox IT Advanced
IT Decompression Procedures
IT Extended Range
IT Nitrox IT Gas Mixing
IT Advanced Gas Mixing IT
IT Course Director
IT First Response Training IT

IANTD Instructor for:

Open Water Diver
Advanced Nitrox Diver
OW TODDY-STYLE Sidemount Diver

PADI Instructor for:

All specialties Rec
Tec Sidemount
Tec Deep
Tec Trimix

Also Certified as:

Decompression Diver with SF2 ECCR Air Diluent Diver
Evolution Air Diluent Decompression Diver

Expeditionen und Projekte: