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1. General Definition:

The Toddy-Style sidemount system is a universal buoyancy system that allows a diver to create neutral or positive buoyancy underwater.

It consists of the following elements:

• Wing: the buoyancy body of the taring system, consists of an inner bladder with inflator / deflator unit and a pressure relief valve. The inner bladder is housed in a protective cover.

Harness and back plates: The Harness is a webbing system with mounting options and, in combination with the backplates, attaches the wing to the body of the diver as well as to an assembled scuba cylinder.

The Toddy-Style sidemount system (TS system) is available in 3 different versions.

TS 1 Cordura 

TS 2 Cave & Wreck

TS 3 Kevlar

The various models differ in the materials used for the outer shell of the wing. The wing geometry and all other equipment elements are identical. Therefore, this manual applies unrestricted for all model variants. In the chapter “technical data” the respective specifications are indicated separately. The TS sidemount system has been specifically designed to attach the scuba tanks to the side of the diver’s body. The attachment of the bottles can be made by the diver even under water. Bottle valves and first stages are easily accessible at all times with this type of support. This flexible and secure configuration has been specially designed for cave diving in narrow and difficult to access areas and has proven itself in all areas of diving.

Please read this manual completely before  using the system.

Improper use, incorrect assembly, improper maintenance or damage to the BCD may result in hazardous situations, persona injury or death. Also, improper use may avoid the warranty and / or product liability.

Use the Toddy-Style sidemount system only for the purpose specified by the manufacturer and described in this manual.

When configuring the equipment, make sure that the maximum buoyancy of the wing is sufficient to produce sufficient positive buoyancy in every situation. The recommended and tested maximum bottle size is indicated on a patch on the inside of the wing and in this manual and must be observed during use.

The Toddy-Style sidemount system is not a lifesaving tool!

It ensures no unconscious location of the diver on the surface of the water!

It is not designed to hold the face of an unconscious and / or motionless diver above the water surface!

Following the general rules of safe diving and especially diving with a partner is important!

In no case can this manual replace a qualified course with an experienced instructor. In addition to the general course offerings for diving with the sidemount configuration, there is also a tailor-made TS training program with selected instructors specifically for the Toddy-Style sidemount system.

More information can be found at: www.toddy-style.com/training

We generally recommend training for the sidemount configuration before using the Toddy-Style sidemount system.

Test dives with the system should necessarily be carried out in a controlled environment, e.g. in a swimming pool or shallow area with adequate visibility.

It is absolutely necessary to carefully tailor the system to the diver before the dive using the procedure described in the following chapters. Insufficient adaptation can lead to dangerous situations.

Before each dive, the safety-related components of the system should be checked to ensure proper function and to detect possible defects in time. The individual components are described in this manual in the following chapters.

The maximum inflation of the wings should be avoided if possible. The heavy load due to maximum filling can reduce the life of the wing.

The requirement of maximum buoyancy should be avoided by carefully adjusting the tare weights.

The gas for filling the wing may contain a maximum of 32% oxygen (e.g. Nitrox 32). Compressed air is preferred. The use of gases other than Nitrox, Trimix or compressed air is not permitted.

Repairs, as well as any work to maintain and / or repair the system, which goes beyond the general cleaning and maintenance activities described in this manual, may only be carried out by the manufacturer or by persons authorized by the manufacturer. Unauthorized repairs can lead to a loss of warranty and lapse of the product liability as well as endanger the health and life of the user.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage to the material or injury to the user of the BCD caused by improper use, inadequate or improper maintenance, or insufficient performance or configuration.