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79822 Titisse-Neustadt (DE)
Cell: 0049 – (0)178-9313591

Equipment: oliver@toddy-style.com
Training: toddy@toddy-style.com

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It started in 2010: Joe made his first dives and discovered his passion for the underwater world. Additional courses in open water followed in 2012 in Mexico, i.a. with the first Cavern Dives in the local cave systems. After this experience, the courses started anew: back in Germany with the beginning of his technical diving training, and the return to Mexico in 2013 with the completion of full-cave training. In Mexico, the first contact with the sidemount configuration took place. Sidemount diving quickly became his new passion; This was followed by further education and training on various systems and with well-known instructors worldwide. The world of sidemount diving finally led to Sardinia in 2017 to get to know the Toddy-Style sidemount system and to dive the underwater caves there. Both were enthusiastic about the changeover to the TS system and a TS user course. In the spring of 2018 finally the TS Instructor Training, so that Joe is now the first official TS Open Water Sidemount Instructor in Germany. Since he is at home in the Lake Constance region, he can offer TS training in southern Germany in this beautiful diving area.

Sidemount is a Lifestyle, start your training today with Sidemount Joe !

Sidemount Training das er unterrichtet:

User level:
TS-OPEN WATER Sidemount Diver

Direct Contact for Courses and Information:



Mother Tongue: German
Other Languages: English, Spanish

IANTD Instructor for:

Open Water to Divemaster
Nitrox Diver
Deep Diver
Recreational Trimix Diver
Advanced Nitrox Diver

TDI Instructor for:

Intro to Tech Instructor
Technical Sidemount Instructor
Advanced Nitrox Instructor
Decompression Procedure Instructor
Technical DPV Instructor

SDI and CMAS Instructor for:

Advanced Buoyancy Instructor
Altitude Diver Instruktor
Computer Nitrox Instructor
Deep Diving Instructor
DPV Instructor
Dry Suit Instructor
Night-Limited Visibility Instructor
Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor
Sidemount Instructor
Underwater Navigation Instructor
Wreck Instructor
Solo Diving Instructor
CMAS 1 Stern Open Water Instructor
CMAS 1 Stern Nitrox Instructor

Also Certified As:

TDI Full Cave
TDI Advanced Wreck
TDI Sidemount Diver
TDI Advanced Trimix ( hypoxisch)
TDI Technical Divemaster ( OC no limits)
CMAS 4 Stern Taucher

Expeditions and Projects: