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ESSENTIAL - Fundamentales Knowledge and Techniques

Here you get the basic knowledge and the security that you need to get started in technical diving, as well as safe dive planning and execution.

In this Essential program, you will learn to dive with a dual-tank device and the associated configuration for technical diving. This course takes place in the Open Water and is the ideal starting point for any serious scuba diver interested in other courses such as cave diving or mixed gas diving. If you are an experienced diver, we will deepen your fundamental techniques and knowledge in the handling of equipment, communication, locomotion, emergency situations, reel and lift bag, various diving environments, as well as Nitrox, especially in the direction of technical diving.

Course Description:

The course duration is at least 3 days, with approx. 4 dives, approx. 8 hours of theory and dive briefing. At the end of the course there is a final test. The depth will be adjusted to your certification. For an Essential TEC, the depth is max. 40 meters. Various techniques listed below are explained and practiced, and performed in various environments. Dives in shallow water for special exercises are required.

In depth, we use the following techniques, which are not included in a conventional diving certificate, such as:


Minimum age 18 and in good health

1.Equipment and Handling

Harnes and Wing are preferred in this class, and diving with a double tank. We’ll look at equipment configurations and help you adjust the equipment to fit every move

2.Locomotion Techniques

The following locomotion techniques are practiced and practiced: Flutter Kick, Frog Kick, Shuffle Kick, Pull and Glide and Back Kick


Deep training with hand signals, light signals and touch-contact

4.Reel & Liftbag

The handling of a buoy or lift bag, which is sent to the water surface with a rope pulley

5.Emergency Situations

Correctly reacting and avoiding panic is the cornerstone to bring critical situations under control


Understand Nitrox and its handling on the surface, as well as underwater

7.Various Diving Environments

 Theoretical introduction to environments such as cavern and wreck diving


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