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This cave is incredible because it looks like “the gate into the earth.” After a 30- to 40-minute boat ride you reach a point in the sea, where the cliffs tower up to 400 m. This is where the anchor is set. The dive leads to a depth of 13 meters. Made of stones, the entrance forms a triangular shape that drops to 28 meters. The entrance of a huge cave system is at the bottom of this shaft. The first path leads parallel to the cliffs, until finally the cave changes direction into the interior. The system grows larger and the depth increases.

The shape of the cave is almost circular, the glow of the lamps is barely enough to illuminate the side walls. This cave system is not for everyone and should only be visited by experienced cave divers. This dive should be done with different gases as air quickly reaches the limits and long decompressions are required.

Equipment Configuration:

Use of a rebreather is ideal for this cave, but backmount and sidemount do not pose a problem. Stages are recommended.


Nitrox (für leichtere Penetrationen)
Trimix (for longer Excursions)


Toddy has been exploring “Utopia” since 2005. The cave was discovered by the HFGOK in the late 1990s and systematically explored up to 4.2 km. In 2013 Toddy together with Rick Stanton extended the line of Markus Schaffhäutle (then -102m) and are further immersed up to -120m and the cave continues. In 2019 Toddy penetrated deeper into the system with use of a solid team and specifically designed Habitat for long decompression. The current size of the cave is over 7km and it continues


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