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“Toddy-Style” is a holistic approach to sidemount diving that follows a guiding principle: a basic concept that makes everything possible. Following this guiding principle, we developed the TS sidemount system on the one hand, and developed a specially designed training program on the other.

In 2016, we presented this concept and the first prototypes of the TS systems in the US headquarters at IANTD and discussed the details with Tom Mount and Luis Pedro (both Managing Directors IANTD). Finally, in 2018, the TS sidemount program has been adopted into the new IANTD standards. There are now 2 courses: the “TS Open Water Sidemount Specialty Diver” and the “TS Tek Sidemount Specialty Diver.” Also, of course, at the same time, the associated instructor courses have been developed, which each instructor must complete before he can offer “TS sidemount” training.

These TS Sidemount Specialty courses have now summarized the entire experience of the last 14 years in the handling and application possibilities of the TS system. Combined with special exercises and theory as well as extensive underwater training. Concentrated and intensive courses have been developed, which cover all applications of the TS sidemount system in theory and practice and convey the diverse configuration details that can only be gained through many years of experience.


The design was frankly, brilliant. It was also rugged and easy to disassemble


Habe schon vieles gesehen und getestet aber das überzeugt mich


Really no kidding, this is the best system I ever used!!!! And the quality is amazing.