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Glasbergweg 7a
79822 Titisse-Neustadt (DE)
Cell: 0049 – (0)178-9313591

Equipment: oliver@toddy-style.com
Training: toddy@toddy-style.com

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My first open-water dives took place in 1983 in former totalitarian Czechoslovakia.
I completed the training programme CMAS and later on I accomplished many training programmes including PADI, SSI, TDI/SDI and EDS.
In 2002 I successfully managed to complete my IANTD instructor course and since then I have been teaching IANTD courses (which I do with a great passion.)
Moreover, in 2002 I also took part in wreck diving in Scottish Scapaflow where I started to be interested in technical diving. The technical diving brought me to Mexico a year later and there I broadened my horizons and started with cave diving.
2 years ago I got interested in Toddy Style and I became involved in this diving style. After a visit in Sardinia and my first cooperation with Toddy, I was stunned by his philosophy, diving drills and attitude.
I became a TS instructor in 2021 and I am really enthusiastic about my next diving steps and improving the sidemount technique which holds my attentions because its technical and security innovations.
I am keen on learning and improving my skills as well as teaching them.
My motto is: There is still something to learn!

Sidemount Training he Conducts:

User level:
TS-OPEN WATER Sidemount Diver

Direct Contact for Course and Information:



Mother Tongue: Czech
Other Languages: Slovak, German, English,

IANTD Instructor Trainer for:

Open Water Instructor
Tek Open Water DPV Instructor
Nitrox Instructor
Advanced Nitrox Instructor
Normoxic Trimix Instructor

IANTD Instructor for:

Advanced Cave: Sidemount Instructor
Advanced Cave: DPV Instructor
Technical Instructor
Technical Cave Instructor
Advanced EANx Instructor
OC Ice Diver Instructor

Expeditions and Projects:

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