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Glasbergweg 7a
79822 Titisse-Neustadt (DE)
Cell: 0049 – (0)178-9313591

Equipment: oliver@toddy-style.com
Training: toddy@toddy-style.com

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It all started in 1994 with the classic Open Water Diver course in Austria. After that I completed further courses up to the Divemaster and worked for 2 years in a diving school with courses and in the diving center. Then the PADI Instructor was completed and self-employment with his own diving school started in 2002. Further training and crossovers to other organizations such as IAC, CMAS, SSI and IANTD took their course. In 2012 I heard something about sidemount diving for the first time and started with the first attempts. I started my TEC track with the “heavy” double tanks and in Sardinia the Intro to Cave and a year later the Full Cave were made and that’s where I got to know Toddy and the TS system. Totally fascinated by the system, the TS user course was completed in 2019. After several trips to Mexico and diving in the cenotes and caves with the unique system, I then decided to complete the TS training in Sardinia with Toddy to be the first TS Open Water Sidemount Instructor in Austria to teach this system.

Sidemount Training he Conducts:

User level:
TS-OPEN WATER Sidemount Diver

Direct Contact for Course and Information:



Mother Tongue: German
Other Languages: English

IANTD Instructor for:

Open Water Instructor
Nitrox Instructor

IAC, SSI, PADI und CMAS Instruktor for:

Open Water Diver to Instructor
All Specialty Courses
Handicap Diving
TEC Fundamental
Solo Diving Instructor

Also Certified As:

IAC Course Director
SSI Master Instructor
PADI Master Instructor
CMAS*** Instructor
IANTD Full Cave Diver

Expeditions and Projects: