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3. Practice
3.1 Before Diving

In general, before each dive, the functionality and proper condition of the Toddy-Style sidemount system should be checked. We recommend the following procedure:

• Visual inspection for external damage to the wing or to the straps

• Checking the different screw connections: 

– Central screws M8 fixed?

– Screws to shoulder straps?

– Screws on the buttpad?

• Inflation control:

– Corrugated tube fixed at the top and bottom?

– Buttons on the control head function?

– Does it hold air?

• Auto Release Dump Valve :

– Is the cap secured?

– Function check by operating the pull cord; The valve must be able to be lifted noticeably against the resistance of the tension spring by the pull cord. When releasing the cord, the valve must be pushed back into the seat by the tension spring.

• Tightness test Wing, best to be checked by the dive partner at a bubble check at the beginning of the dive at shallow depth.

3.2 After diving

After diving, the TS sidemount system must first be thoroughly rinsed in fresh water and any adhering soiling removed. The bladder must be completely cleared of any infiltrated water by turning the system upside down, so that the head of the inflator forms the lowest point. By opening the vent button below, the water contained can run out.

Rinsing should be carried out carefully after use in salt water or contaminated water, in addition, the bladder inside the wing should be rinsed with fresh water. For this purpose, the over pressure relief valve (OPRV) can be removed and replaced.

Repeat the flushing process with a sufficient amount of water (approx. 2 liters).

After rinsing, the OPRV must be carefully reinserted and screwed tight!

The TS sidemount system is made from extremely robust materials that enable long-term use over many years.

Nevertheless, the system should be stored as dry and dark as possible and protected from prolonged direct UV radiation (sunlight).

When stored in dry, ventilated rooms, no special drying measures are required.

However, if the system is to be stored permanently in closed containers or cabinets, the two central screws M8 should first be opened and the wing slightly separated from the two backplates. In the closely superimposed contact surface between the backplates and the wing could still be residual moisture, which should first dry completely before storage or packaging.

It should also be ensured before prolonged storage that there is no residual moisture in the inner bladder. To do this, hang the system upside down with the maximum inflated inner bladder and drain off the moisture through the inflator head. The overpressure valve should be dismantled before storage.


The design was frankly, brilliant. It was also rugged and easy to disassemble


Habe schon vieles gesehen und getestet aber das überzeugt mich


Really no kidding, this is the best system I ever used!!!! And the quality is amazing.