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7. Delivery

Toddy-Style sidemount system, completely assembled • Replacement screw set: 2x M8x50, 2x M8x60, 2x M8x70 2x M6x10, 2x washer M6, 2x flat nut M6

8. Certification

The Toddy-Style sidemount system with its 3 types TS 1 Cordura, TS 2 Cave & Wreck and TS 3 Kevlar is certified to EN1809: 2014+ A1: 2016 by the notified body 0299; FB PSA Testing and Certification Body in the DGUV Test, Zwengenberger Straße 68, D-42781 Haan

9. Warranty and Durability

The manufacturer guarantees proper functioning of the taring system for a period of 2 years from the date of manufacture. The warranty covers material defects and defects of individual components of the taring system. Damage caused by transportation and normal wear and tear as well as damage caused by use other than diving are not covered by the warranty. The guaranteed durability of the system corresponds to the warranty period. Maintenance at an authorized dealer extends the shelf life by one year.

10. Maintenance

During the period of validity of the manufacturer’s warranty (2 years from the date of manufacture), the system requires no special maintenance beyond that described in this manual. After this period of time, annual maintenance must be performed by an authorized dealer to ensure safe use. The guaranteed durability of the system is also extended by one year. The appendix to this manual contains a table for documenting the maintenance intervals.

11. Manufacturer

sidemount-explorer UG Glasbergweg 7a 79822 Titisee-Neustadt Germany TS – Made in Germany Version: January 2018