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The System

Toddy-Style® is not only dive equipment, but also a holistic approach to diving the sidemount configuration.

Hose guidance, use and handling of the equipment, as well as all drills and skills occurring in training follow a uniform concept, which summarizes the findings from countless dives in various situations and environments.

Cave diving, from training to complex dive exploration, is the origin of this concept and the test bed for our developments: what proves to be durable here, meets the highest standards of robustness, efficiency and quality.

Over the last few years, we have developed a sidemount system that is at home in all areas of diving: from scuba diving on vacation to technical exploration dives with cold water rebreathers and deep caves.

Adjustments to different requirements such as tare weight, bottle sizes etc. are quick, easy and safe to carry out. The entire equipment is easily accessible, fits tightly to the body and ensures safe handling even in extreme situations thanks to its robustness and sophisticated design.

• Available in Three Versions: TS1 Cordura / TS2 Cave & Wreck / TS3 Kevlar-SFTech

• Outer Shell TS 1, Cordura: Material : Cordura 600

• Outer Shell TS 2, Cave & Wreck: Material: PVC Coated Polyester-Fabric “Snakeskin”

• Outer Shell TS3 Kevlar-SFTech: Material: Kevlar Reinforced Polyester-Fabric

• Backplates: Aluminium Material, powder-coated

• Stainless Steel Parts: Quality V4A

• Buoyancy measured according to EN1809: 2014 with 130 N