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TS Tec Sidemount Diver

The IANTD TS Technical Open Water Sidemount Diver course is the next level of sidmount diving with the TS system. Here basic training units are discussed and learned which are necessary to carry more than 2 tanks. The special techniques are to master use 4-6 tanks safely and in a controlled manner. This course is for those who already have experience in general sidemount diving and are now ready to familiarize themselves with these techniques. The focus is on special configuration of the equipment. The training prepares the diver conscientiously for the next level like Cave Diver or Trimix Diver. Fine details and repetition of procedures allow safe handling of the TS system and several tanks. The correct processes are carefully rehearsed to master the system safely. This course is not about going to great depths or diving into caves, but is about mastering the techniques with several tanks and then being safe and well prepared for the next level.

Exercises on land:

Here the configuration is specifically addressed such as the length of the bungees, the distance between the bands, which position, stage loops, criss-cross techniques, position of the stage regulator, practice with demo tanks made of plastic, correct regulator change, air share situations, tank handovers and much more.


Here we discuss procedures of decompression, planning of the dives, SAC rate, cave strategies of stage tanks, gas planning and much more .

In the water:

Exercises with 4 and more tanks, correct trimming and balancing with tail-weight techniques, safe instruction in each procedure of the techniques with repetition, buoyancy exercises at a high level, correct tank handover, team control, communication, gas exchange, gas planning, valve drills and much more.

Advantages of this TS Tec Open Water Sidemount course:

Shows the complexity of handling multiple tanks and exercises them until mastery.

Master necessary skills required for further training or planned activities.

Ideal to get to know the trim behavior perfectly (OPRV and Inflator position) which enables easy and carefree sidemount diving at a higher level.


Minimum age of 15 with parent’s signature
IANTD Advanced EANx Diver (or equivalent) + can be combined
At least 20 logged dives


Exercises on Land
Pool (Confined Water) and Open Water
Open Water Exam Graduation (minimum 80%)


Minimum 4 days
4 hours theory
Minimum 6 dives


Maximum depth 39m (depending on the certifications of the participants)
Light decompression
Maximum 3 students per instructor

Required Equipment:

TS-Sidemount System (CE-approved version) no DIY
Two sidemount regulators
Two stage regulators
An oxygen regulator
Diving suit (depending on the local environment)
Diving computer
Linen cutter
A spool with a minimum of 30m
Wet Notes
Mask and Back-up mask
SMB (Surface Marker Buoy)