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TS Open Water Sidemount Diver

The course first introduces you to the history of sidemount diving and explains where diving with side-mounted tanks started, then goes on to provide specific sidemount information about the TS system and its special configuration type. Information about materials and each piece of equipment is clearly explained. Then the system is set and we continue with the configuration of the regulators and how they are used specifically. Dealing with the 1m hose principle and later with the long hose will be explained in detail and practiced. The goal of this course is to master the handling of the TS system. Training on the TS system can now be done by some instructors in Europe (and soon overseas). The instructors undergo intensive training. Assisting courses and personal experience with the system is a prerequisite. A TS-Sidemount Instructor officially certified by IANTD has a high level of knowledge and understanding to properly and professionally train the TS sidemount system.

The fine micro-details are important from the start with the TS system to be able to enjoy sidemount diving to the fullest. This basic course is the first step in the TS sidemount training system and is a prerequisite for all further courses. It and greatly facilitates the understanding of this special configuration.


Minimum age of 15 with parent’s signature
IANTD Open Water Diver (or equivalent)
At least 20 logged dives


Exercises on Land / Pool
Open Water Exam Graduation (minimum 80%)


Minimum 4 days
4 hours theory
Minimum 6 dives


Maximum depth 39m (depending on the certifications of the participants)
No decompression
Maximum 3 students per instructor

Required Equipment:

TS-Sidemount System (CE-tested Version)no DIY
Two regulators
Exposure Protection (depending on the local environment)
diving computer
line cutter
A spool with a minimum of 15m
Wet Notes
SMB (Surface Marker buoy)