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2. Functional elements of the system
2.1 Harness

The assembly of the TS system consists of 4 parts:

2 Shoulder straps: these are guided through the slots provided at the top of the outer back plate and screwed tight (screw M6x10). The screw connection is secured against unintentional loosening with a threaded adhesive (Loctite). After each loosening of the screw connection, this screw lock should be renewed by re-gluing with suitable adhesive.

The screw connection is protected by an elastic cover.

At the lower end, the shoulder straps are guided through the diagonally arranged slots of the inner back plate. At this point, the attachment is made by the sewn Velcro surfaces. At intervals of 3 cm there are colored seams on the inside of the straps; These serve as a dimension line to achieve a uniform adjustment of right and left sides quickly and easily. The tight juxtaposition of Velcro surfaces is ensured by a short (50mm) and a long (100mm) elastic cover.

Other parts on the shoulder straps: 

2 chest D-rings

2 Tri-glides with eyelet for attaching the chest strap

1 Bungee loop 5mm to attach the corrugated hose

1 Double bungee loop 5mm on the corrugated hose for inflator

1 Bungee loop 6mm for dry suit connection 

4 Elastic bands 50 mm

2 Elastic bands 100 mm

Check Regularly:

Solid state of the fittings. Tight fit of the Velcro attachment.

Correct position of the elastic covers (according to the picture on page 7): possible wear, chafing, damage to the webbing.

2.2 Waist Strap

The waist strap is attached with a M-8 screw between the wing and the inner back plate with the central rivet eyelet.

Other parts on the waist belt:

2 Tri-glide for fastening the tightening band

2 Tri-glide with low profile d-ring (Attachment point 1 )

2 Tri-glide with oval eyelet to apply tension for tightening band

2 Asymmetric d-ring (Attachment point 2)

1 Buckle

2 Bungee Loops

Check Regularly:

Tight fit of the belly belt buckle: possibly wear, chafing,
Damage to the webbing.

2.3 Crotch Strap

The crotch strap is guided through the lower central slot in the outer back plate and secured behind it by double threading through the tri-glide.

Other parts on the crotch strap: 

1 Tri-glide with d-ring

2 Rubber bands (8mm)

1 Wide rubber band (35 mm)

1 Sewn in d-ring (scooter ring)

Check Regularly:

Secure fit of the trim-glide, position of the rubber loops,
Seams on the scooter ring: possible wear, chafing, damage to the webbing.


The design was frankly, brilliant. It was also rugged and easy to disassemble


Habe schon vieles gesehen und getestet aber das überzeugt mich


Really no kidding, this is the best system I ever used!!!! And the quality is amazing.

2.4 Back Plates

The outer back plate is made of 3mm thick aluminum and is colored with a powder coating. At the top are slots for the shoulder straps and at the bottom for the crotch strap. On the central axis 4 holes are mounted, which allow different positions for attachment. Drill holes are provided on the outside for attachment of additional equipment (e.g., taring gas bottle, battery pack).

The buttpad is connected by 2 screws (M6x10) to the outer back plate.

The buttpad is made of a high-strength fiber-reinforced plastic and has side-mounted stainless steel straps for attaching scuba tanks and additional equipment (attachment point 3). A belt strap attached in the lower center with 2 screws (M6x10) serves to guide the crotch strap.

The screw connections are secured against unintentional loosening with a threaded adhesive (Loctite). After each loosening of the screw connection, this screw lock should be renewed by re-gluing with a suitable adhesive.

The inner back plate is made of 3mm thick aluminum and colored with a powder coating, to reduce the dead weight of the plate, cutouts are made in the side surfaces. In the central axis of the plate is a canted fold, in which the two central screws M8 are located. In this fold, a commercially available additional lead weight (p-weight) can be accommodated by means of the central screws.

The lower end of the shoulder strap is guided through the diagonal double slots on the side of the inner plate.

The sidemount bungees (8.5 mm) and additional equipment (taring gas cylinder, battery pack, etc.) can be attached using the holes on the sides.

Check Regularly:

Tight fit of the fittings: possibly wear, chafing,
Damage to the webbing of the weight system

2.5 Wing

The Toddy-Style sidemount wing consists of an inner bladder with inflator corrugated hose, operating head, pressure relief valve, and an outer shell with elastic band system and zipper. By opening the
Zipper of the outer shell, the inner bladder can be reached and removed. To completely remove the bladder, the pressure relief valve and the inflator system must be dismantled.

The rubber bands, which are attached to the sewn tabs of the inside of the outer shell, as well as the two side elastic bands, which are connected to the waist belt ensure a close-fitting position of the wing, even if it is only partially filled.

Tension on the rubber band pulling system on the inside of the wing influences the maximum expansion of the wing. It should be noted that an increased tension of the rubber band can reduce the maximum buoyancy volume of the system. In any case, make sure that the buoyancy volume is sufficient to ensure a safe dive.

The inner bladder has at the top in central position a special outlet spigot, which allows easy and controlled ventilation via the inflator system. The corrugated inflator hose is attached to this connection piece and secured by means of a cable tie. The control head is also secured with a cable tie at the other end of the corrugated hose. In addition, inside the corrugated hose a stainless steel wire rope is attached as a strain relief. As a result, a tearing of the hose or the operating head is prevented.

Check Regularly:

Tightness of the connections (Bubblecheck), wear, chafing, damage to the
Outer shell,
Perfect fit of the elastic band system, tight fit and tightness of the
Connections of the corrugated hose, perfect function of the inflator head.

Control of adequate lift volume.