Sidemount-Explorer UG
Glasbergweg 7a
79822 Titisse-Neustadt (DE)
Cell: 0049 – (0)178-9313591

Equipment: oliver@toddy-style.com
Training: toddy@toddy-style.com

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Claudia is from Sardinia and she organizes the “Office-Background” in the diving school and is co-owner of Protec Sardinia. Her foreign language skills (English, German, Spanish and of course Italian) and travel experiences are enormously helpful when Protec Sardinia once again undertakes a bigger tour. With her organizational skills and experience, she takes on all the necessary tasks such as tax consultants, banks, etc. She does not work permanently at Protec Sardinia and therefore is not always present.

She found a passion for cave diving and technical diving in Mexico in 2003 and is always involved in various explorations (especially the “Vanilla Sky Project”) and is happy to provide information about the island of Sardinia and its culture.

IANTD Diver:

Nitrox Diver
Deep Air Diver
Advanced Nitrox Diver
IANTD/DAN Oxygen provider
Technical Cave Diver
Advanced Cave Diver “Multiple Stage”
Advanced Cave Diver “Sidemount”

NACD Diver:

Full Cave Diver

PADI Diver:

Open Water Diver
Advanced Diver
Rescue Diver


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